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Adam's Scuba University

Located in The Woodlands & Huntsville, Texas
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Scuba Fun Day Sessions for Pool

Join us year-round for scuba refreshers in an indoor heated pool. Get extra pool time in. Each session will have roughly 1.5-2 hour time slots where you will play with items, try new gear, practice skills, play games, relax, or refresh skills (as unofficial refreshers). Great summer activities for the kids!
  • More time in the water
  • Build scuba skills and buddy-building confidence
  • Refresh your scuba skills
  • Have fun!
  • Meet new people and gain new dive buddies
  • View/try out new styles of gear and accessories


$110 equipment included per person | $50 equipment included for try scuba per person
Call or text to see any current specials on event prices.
Sessions are held at an indoor pool in North Houston at I-45 & Richey Rd
Must have appointment to attend
Scroll down to see what we have planned.


Session Descriptions

Try Scuba

See how you feel about scuba trying. Just come and try it out learning the basic skills and swim around for fun.

Bubble Rings

Level 1 — Learn how to use underwater bubble blasters that shoot air rings and how to make bubble rings with your hands/mouth!
Level 2 — Laser tag style games with the underwater air blaster guns. Have target practice competitions with the bubble rings.

Relax Day

During this event, we dim the lights, turn down the noise and you will enjoy a nearly SILENT underwater relaxing environment. The rise and fall of a diver in the quiet and bubbles trickling by can be very therapeutic for many.
Dark Room   •   Breathing Control

Scuba Skills

We go over some more advanced skills that are not usually taught in the basic class (some advanced, some rescue, some dive master, some even cave diving). This gives you a taste of further classes.
Level 1

  • Swap masks with buddy/group
  • Swim through stuff (like cave diving/penetration diving) in full scuba gear.
  • Search and recovery (patterns, blinded mask, foggy mask)
  • Compass use
  • Underwater knots
  • Using lift bags
Level 2
  • Underwater gear swaps
  • Remove scuba gear and swimming through underwater restricted spaces where full gear could be too bulky

Fun Day

During this event, we get creative with ALL SORTS of games, toys, contests, relays, competitions, and even educational activities. Get diving, have fun and use creative bones to make a pool into an underwater playground.

  • Hide & Seek (items)
  • Marco Polo (noise)
  • Science
    • Catch - all sorts of underwater gliders and some surprise objects too!
    • Physics - pressure and air expansion experiments.
  • Pictures
    • Draw pictures on slates
    • Make pictures with objects
  • Cards — Underwater waterproof playing cards
  • I Spy
  • Match
  • Swim-Throughs
  • Relay Races (obstacles)
  • Tic tac toe
Full Face Mask

Students practice and learn the uses / benefits of Full Face Mask use to see if it’s something for them.